Rally is crowdpowered travel. Your trip is confirmed once a minimum number of riders book seats. While this number varies, it's usually 25 people, or 40% of the bus full.  At times, we route more than one Rally Point together in order to reach the minimum (ie, 5 + 10 + 10 = 25 people).

If your trip is not confirmed by two weeks before the travel date, a reminder email is sent that the trip is still tentative. If your trip fails to be confirmed by 1 week prior to the event date,  You are refunded any money already paid. 

A note about refunds:

If you used PayPal,  the refund will go back to your PayPal account. If a credit card was used, and your trip booked within 30 days of travel, Rally will void the credit card authorization. In other words, you only pay for a trip that is not confirmed. Otherwise, you are fully refunded.

A note about routing:

We will only route together Rally Points if doing so does not add significant time to the trip. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the trip times or even the location of the Rally Point to make routing possible. Please keep an eye on your inbox as we will send you and Update email with any changes.