To transfer a booking, simply:

  1. Log in to your Rally account*
  2. Go to My Rides
  3. Select the trip you want to transfer
  4. Scroll down to the Edit Booking section
  5. Select "Transfer Booking"
  6. Enter the new rider's information (all fields are required)**
  7. Click on "Transfer" and you're all set! Both you and the new rider will receive an email to confirm the transfer. 

*If you haven't created an account already, an account was created for you at the time of booking with the email address provided. To access your account, please create a password by resetting your password here. 

**If the email address to which you transfer the seats already has a Rally account, then the person will find the booking transferred to them within that account. If they did not already have an account, one will be created for them upon transfer. To access the account, they can create a password by resetting their password here.